Supervision and Monitoring

Present strategically in the main agricultural regions, through our operational bases, we are able to support the entire AGRIBUSINESS chain.

Through constant investments in the IT department and, with several technological tools, we have the necessary expertise to offer our clients agility in information, organization of processes, reduction of operational and / or documentary errors, reduction of costs, as well as a better result Management for online and assertive decision making at run time.

Our Differential

Our team has technical and qualified experience to operate from administrative to analytical.

Through our experienced programmers (IT) staff and invested resources, all our operations are supported and have a WEB system and MOBILE applications, resulting in better communication with our customers, as well as the ability to develop applications and systems in operations , As soon as we are hired.

Supervision and Monitoring of:

  • Loading/unloading and transshipment of bulk, solid and liquid;
  • Quantity/Quality;
  • Sampling of products in bulk/bags, liquids/solids, vegetables, fruits and cargo in general.
  • Deliveries at warehouses and/or terminals by truck and/or train;
  • Verification/inspection of tanks, truck/rail tanks used to transport liquids, shore tanks, container tanks, shipholds/tanks, warehouses and terminals;
  • Tank marking and Bulk inventory.

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