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Surveillance and Load Control
Technical Inspections and Analysis


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Frey Rearq Ltd. is a company which offers quality and quantity inspection services along with laboratory analysis results covering varius commodities comercialized throughout the world.

We offer a multitude of services such as:

  • Supervision of loading/unloading of steamers;
  • Supervision os warehouse/terminal deliveries;
  • Control of weight and quality;
  • Laboratory analysis.

Our laboratory is commited to always attain excellent and safe quality control results quickly and reliably, using established International Associatons norms and regulations, which attests the quality and quantity of the commodity being exchanged.

The objective of the company is to provide an efficient full time control service of unquestionable integrity.

Our operational staff is trained and responsible for limiting the risk to clients by being capable of detecting defects and foreign matter not permitted in the contract between the parties involved. They are commited to honour the description of the goods contracted.

We emit certificates of quality and quantity wich are utilized to liberate letters of credit in payment of the goods exchanged.

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